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We believe that your family deserves the freshest,
most flavorful apples from farmers who have been cultivating their orchards for generations. From best-loved apples like McIntosh and Granny Smith to new boutique varieties, we invite you to bite into all our orchards have to offer and come back for more.

Our network of family-owned farms connects you to wholesome produce and exciting activities.



As small family orchards, sustainability is one of our most important priorities. Responsible farming practices, access to leading regional scientists, and collaboration between farmers helps us survive and thrive sustainably.

Our farms are proud to offer opportunities for young workers, jobs to the local economy, and contribute to your community’s fiscal sustainability.


Experience Ohio Apples with friends and family this year.
Check with each farm’s website or social media for seasonal hours, activities, and produce offerings.

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Grab your basket and head to the orchard! When apples are still on the branch, look for firm, shiny fruit with full color. Gently tug on the apple (you may need to give it a slight twist) and it will pop off into your hand.

Enjoy the crisp flavor of your apples for longer when you place them in the fridge. Apples bruise easily, so make sure you handle them with care!

Our freshly harvested apples produce a natural wax coating that locks in moisture and keeps them crisp. If they didn’t, you’d be left with a soft, shriveled fruit (no thanks!).

Once our apples are picked, they’re washed and brushed to get rid of any dirt or leaves. This removes the natural wax, so to protect our apples and keep them fresh for you, our farmers apply a very small amount of all-natural wax that’s certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Don’t worry, the wax on apples is safe to consume! Simply give the apples a rinse under cold water to remove any smudges from handling and pat dry.

All produce must be labeled so consumers know what they’re purchasing and where it’s from. Most stickers come off easily, but if you’ve encountered a stubborn one, place a piece of clear tape over it and peel back slowly for clean removal.

No, in our humid Ohio climate, completely organic orchards are not economically or environmentally feasible. Our farmers strive to deliver wholesome, natural products to your family with minimal impact on the land. Many of our farmers use integrated pest management programs to protect the fruit without interrupting the natural ecosystem. Our farmers work with local and state agencies, like the OSU Extension, to stay on the cutting edge of agricultural engineering.


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